Religious Education

Religious Education in Cyprus Religious education is considered to be a humanity subject and is a compulsory subject for pre-primary, primary and secondary education and is taught twice a week. In pre-primary and primary education the educators of religious education are not specialised.

Educational System

Organisation of the Educational System There are four stages in the education system of Cyprus that are pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher. All the nursery schools will develop educational programs that follow the officially approved curriculum.

In-Service Training

In-Service Training The Pedagogical Institute has the task of in-service training for primary, secondary and technical school teachers. The institute organises and runs both compulsory and optional seminars to complete this task.

Education Links

Formal and Non-Formal Education Links A variety of private and public institutions on a part-time basis are involved in non-formal education by offering a mixture of courses at various levels. Non-formal education is provided through:- 1) The Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Education provide Evening Technical classes and the Apprenticeship Training Scheme.

Special Education

Special Needs Education in Cyprus The policy of the government in Cyprus is to support and encourage the integration of children with special needs into the normal educational system giving them the chance to develop and learn with children without special needs.